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Andy Hillstrand is a born and bred Alaskan, and a third generation fisherman. The ocean is in his blood. Aboard Time Bandit, Andy is co-captain along with his brother Johnathan. During Opilio Crab season, you'll find Captain Andy in the wheelhouse hunting for the elusive opies and fighting rogue waves and hull-crushing ice. Known as the Axeman, Andy is the consummate professional fisherman and takes every aspect of crew and boat safety seriously. It should come as no surprise that the Captain can rewire electrical systems, stitch up an injured crew member, and bring in boat loads of crab!

Andy is a devoted family man. He and his wife, Sabrina, have been married 26 years. They have two grown daughters, Chelsey and Cassandra. Andy is also a grandfather - Chelsey and her husband Corbin are proud parents of two little boys, Dylan and Kade. Andy's youngest daughter, Cassandra, graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography with a BA in 2008. Her company is called Cass Hillstrand Entertainment.

When he's not fishing, Andy returns home to his other passion, his ranch and horses. Specializing in natural horsemanship, Andy and Sabrina not only train horses, but teach riding to adults and children. Did you know that in Alaska, Andy was a barrel horse racing champion three years running with the National Barrel Horse Association?

For recreation, Andy has many interests. When there is time, he likes to hunt. In fact, he has several of his trophy-size moose antlers mounted at the ranch. He also loves playing drums! Since 7th grade he's played and listened to everything from hard rock to country to golden oldies. He likes to indulge in RC (remote control) airplanes and helicopters, and vacations in exotic tropical locations where he is able to dive and snorkel!